Cheese Highlights

     Cheese Highlights

     Report 2 - Released on January 11, 2019

     Post-holiday milk availability has kept cheese production apace in all regions nationally.
     That said, spot milk prices increased from last week: $2 under to $1 over Class III.
     Nationally, inventories are heavy. However, some individual cheese plants in the Midwest and
     Western regions report respective inventories are tight to balanced. Mozzarella demand is
     strong ahead of football playoffs/Super Bowl. Other types of cheese producers report steady
     to good demand, as well. That said, some expect it is a short-term upsurge as schools
     replenish their depleted stores following the holiday break. Cheese markets, particularly
     barrel markets, are struggling to regain some of the steam lost in the fourth quarter of

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     Friday�s closing price for CME barrels is $1.2450, compared to $1.3025 last week. CME
     blocks� closing price is $1.4100, compared to $1.4175 last Friday.

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