Cotton Break, Hogs All-Time-High Zig Zag?


All rumors, news and not, levels guesses (hopefully educated) levels and ideas to cut through the hype in commodities today.

Boy have things heated up. Funds long 50k hogs. That was fast huh? If I was suggesting big macro long shot (?) plays.

Buy any break in hogs, my levels or percentage moves I have found under the surface, when everyone's hair is on fire. Like Spu's 2910. It's all I gotz if top picking. It's a big one. Bonds topped on this a few years back. Boy does time fly. Older you get, faster it goes.

Late Friday I noticed a few things I think have inflation winds underneath. Speaking of whiff's, of inflation last week, .4% a month*12= 4.8% a year folks. No worries from fake news TV talking heads. Remember a few months back we had that US Company induced blast of inflation (6%?) I cited as a one off (yeah right) blast due to tariffs or something. I think inflation is here.

BONDS by the way broke hard under 148 just as fast as when rates went down. They move opposite. Bonds down means rates up. get it? I have one buy level below, but only if bullish bonds.

HOGS-Feb strongest now, 1st sell 8686, those work everywhere. Olive higher. They run fast up to extremes. June weakest, no new high. Aug line at high, thats it, 101.32 ## DONT BUY Now on my headline.
CATTLE-FC playing lines, OLS of OLS is 159.10. Use as pivot only.

Cotton bar 9 hits targets
CFTC- what's with that 10,300 offset by longs and short in indexer's?
What commodity you ask? Go to one of the commitment's pages. Which one? Figure it out and develop you own experience for self directed, students of markets. Read Jesse too.

Cocoa and sugar have changes going on big with funds. Cocoa hit an olive sell last week so pay attention and use risk stops and forget the trade. get a broker to watch it for you because again this year it is busy planting, spraying time. Elevator damage with cash grains by floods? How much.

So very late wheat which was touted due to some news, rules is now back over 4.40 KWN. This nickle rally late I think means its a go, use a stop of course.

KC Chgo holding and I do have levels from which you can place risk stops instead of the war you have been fighting the last year in KC Chgo.
This is when the longs give up in my opinion. Sell beans buy wheat has levels if that is your profile. Big players have been taking opposite sides in beans.

If you have interest in my chart level service email me and let's see if you like the look of the artwork. COTTON- funds a flipping, buy breaks? OJ, funds still selling. Trader's need to do a lot of homework. Day 9 was this am, we are into support 1st time down Monday here.
STOCK MARKET- 2910 is very interesting as greedy bulls? We are not going to stay in this area long is my opinion. We can explode higher is a real risk but. Buy straddles? How do you do option orders? Lets scale some.

PTJ- Income Inequality is biggest threat to Capitalism. Now add unprecedented import of poor people? Just a Trader brain I guess.

Unappreciated Domestic Corn demand to explode immediately? No you say, but what about the 130,000 new hungry, weak, sick, (measles are back
folks) illegal's a month. Think cash FEEDER CATTLE in this weather, talk about weak huh? Do eating mouths have to be feed? Corn basis is up strong right? I think we are catching only one out of three (non US driving standards) of these,= 400,000 of these varmint's a month.
Buckle up. Build a Wall around California 1st maybe Mr President?
Turkey detains journalist's, social media bad mouth their, President.
It's the LAW there. We do respect laws still?

Expect unexpected and always use risk stops to control risk.

Alan Palmer

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