China Buy Hogs, Futures Break? Few Lessons

Producers and Speculators,

All opinions, News and Fake, levels and conditions that I see Algos swat commodity markets today;

subject to change in nanoseconds. I cover things that move in fast vertical (good bets) action and display action levels early as a broker and to my Pro Trader's from the trading floors of old. Using tight risk stops is my specialty. Not suited to all.

Early Friday has stocks pinned to highs. It may be Uber IPO day.

I saw something I think as Traders you need to recognize early. When facts change.

We Change. Its simple yet humanly hard. I saw wheat news that might be the spark.

Name your price in May (wheat)?

FRI- 1030 am remark- FEB Hogs look to be the one to own. HOGS will crush people in the spreads this year is my opinion. Buy value. June acts heavy to me. Is the US going to Feed China for a year? Are back months cheap?

4.31 held Chgo and this can look good without much of a rally. I think shorts are nuts but look at coffee crash under my OLBs late yesterday. Watch coffee and trade my pivots if self-directed. Get the levels in four months now.

So watch wheat or take a shot and add maybe aggressively before we rally a dime. Out of box today.

Sell beans buy KC hit +5c, month July and yes ratio it. This may go fast down, beans lose on $3.00ish rally? Big anyway. Beans overvalued. Stops over powder blues or just look at snkwn spread chart. You chart beans wheat, right?

Dont sell stocks short without a buy stop. Trust me on that one. SPU- Fri 11 am ish- IMPORTANT % Indicator has been hit that has marked Bond top years back. A good year, very good. Greed.

Hogs- Buy Breaks my levels only. Too much sloop in between which is why I think you play 2% & 4% swings like FEEDERS 158.30-ish yesterday. Buy my macro TLs. Guys went short or flat longs, once back under old highs? A layup short bet new high stop.

You do have inventory right?

What if you threw money away on FC calls and shorted FC futures margin covered on upside next 45 ish days? Im thinking how we capture value of cheap (to me and Lunney) FC calls but protect inventory being short futures for cheap, before this collapse we all fear.

I give option guys ideas,

you independents. Like scale 1lots over the field.

I think Buy W calls now if 1st day of bull in KC. Buy KC Chgo now by the way but call. I see some -26's -72c in another. I have 500 individual charts of just about every market you could think if in CBOT products, KC also.

If your a large spec? You want to at least hear me out on how I explain what appeals about falling knives scenario's. FCQ 159.80 ols down to buy green 154 round down. I do now know the inner geekard's of where market goes daily or anytime fir that matter.

What I do believe is I put levels in for Pro trading desks to risk 5 ticks max before they liq., or flip.

So with hogs a line held for 2 min.s exactly before stopped for 27c I think.

Then my early idea after LH open up 300 ish I said buy only 30c on the day and,


MC Hammer. Lol.

Some cxld, one stayed and bought, it rallied ?? 1.20 ish, then crapped out in aftermkt. Pick next 3 levels of mine and close eyes waiting for my call. Big Macro Picture is game on in HOGS to all time highs.

Flippant but Serious again.

So call for hog color. Let me spend a k a month to put

Trading Professional Prem Data Chart Levels, in front of you?

Subscribe to a passion for charts. Here is a 3 min Aug Hogs. NOT MANY LINEs but lines that Algos play.

This is for serious trader Pros as well as my Rural Clients.

I predict Urban illegal's now storming US shores 50,000 a DAY.

Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones warn Income Disparity GREATEST THREAT to CAPITALISM.

The biggest good guy billionaire traders out there. Think risk of civil unrest? Secure food needs to keep peasants distracted that the TECH REVOLUTION

made Inequality worse.

The .1% gains 8% a year on 99% now due to technology. Reporters feel free to call if you need market color. The stuff you don't hear.

All I can say is it is an unsustainable equation.

Something will be an escape value.

Gold on breaks?

Palladium hit a OLB and bounced when other house put out a sell.

Speaking of Fake News-

Goldman China AShare hysteria Monday was it? They got you rookies ALL JACKED UP Bullish China?

Today is worst week of 2019 China mofu's. Sold sold sold!


That was a Goldman keeper?. It may make new highs but think if you plucked $50k at a near term top after a stunning 24% or more 2019 bull run. Balls in mouth syndrone?




It may be beginning of food. Hogs now. W C next?

The Hog top will not happen until it hits the news front page type.

Cocoa hit an OLS in previous overnight and broke hard. 24.??

Lunney had 21-ish bottom called. My OLBs missed by .10.

That might be a bang that P rofit and look again to sell cocoa next week? I don't know cocoa that much. I do know olives.

When Markets Go Vertical,

You Need an Olive.

NASDOG (biz card).

Always control your risk by using a stop to stop the pain.

Use good location where the algos dance if you will.

Lumber is live


Alan Palmer

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